Blood transfusion set  B-1

Blood transfusion set  B-1


Blood transfusion set


NameBlood transfusion set
MaterialMedical grade PVC/PP/PE/ABS, rubber, stainless steel
Tube length150cm
Sterilesterile by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic
MOQ20,000 pcs
Supply Ability100,000 pcs
AttentionDisposable, Valid for three years
ProductivityOEM service available

Product Accessories:

  • Drip Chamber: PVC, sizes according to the ISO 8536-4 standards

  • Vented Spike:   ABS

  • Flow Regulator:   ABS or PP, normal shape, small size or Horned shape, large size

  • Flexible Soft Tube: PVC, 1.5m Soft and kink resistant

  • Protective Cap: PP or PE, for closure piercing device with internal thread that prevents the bacteria from coming in

  • Air Filter:   PE (with or without)

  • Fluid Filter: PVC (with or without)

  • "Y" Injection Port: PVC (with or without)

  • Injection site: Rubber (with or without)

  • Sharp Needle:   Stainless steel (with or without), Hypodermic needle or Butterfly type needle available


  • Product sterilized by Epoxy hexylene, asepsis,non-pyrogen without unusual toxicity and hemolysis response

  • Take down protect set , insert bottle the plug puncture device drains away interior air

  • Uses the rate-of-flow controller to adjust the drop number, according to conventional transfusion operation

  • Stop use if package is punctureed or the protective cap falls off

  • For single use, damage after use

  • The term of validity is three years, Expired is forbid

  • The product should store in the relative humidity not to surpass 80%, non-corrosiveness gas, cool, ventilates good, in dryly clean room

  • Above-mentioned content can't be changed without authorization

Package Details:

  • 1pc/PE bag or blister packing

  • 400pcs/Ctn

  • OEM




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